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From the Office of the Director General, Idris O Musa.

About the Nigerian Oil Spill Monitor

The Nigerian Oil Spill Monitor gives public access to current official data on oil spills collected by the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), the Nigerian environmental regulator, and displays this in an online map.

By making the oil spill data more visible the system aims to show more clearly which oil companies are engaged with the regulatory bodies and are fulfiling their legal responsibilities. It also aims to show the scale of the illegal refining activities and oil theft that now occurs in the Niger Delta and how much of a problem this currently is.

The scale of the problem and the tasks ahead...

NOSDRA relies on the voluntary engagement and support of oil companies to provide data, logistics, quantity estimates, soil/water samples and to carry out cleanup operations. Although the data gathered by NOSDRA and displayed here is immensely useful it does not tell the whole story as the information provided by oil companies is often incomplete and the operotring environment is fraught with security and logistical difficulties.

The data shown here is representative of NOSDRA's knowledge of incidents at this moment, and is subject to change as new information arises and new records are added.

NOSDRA is looking forward to a constructive engagement with an increasingly compliant oil and gas sector which works closely with the regulators to reduce oil spills and their devastating human and environmental consequences, and help ensure these are cleaned up properly when they happen.